About Us

Let us take you back a couple of years to the year 2010 and the very beginnings of our store offering photography tabletops and backdrops.  


The story of Casa e Trend Shop is closely knit with the stories of the Casaetrend.it and Dominstil.si websites. Both have been a source of inspiring stories and tips for home, garden and DIY projects since 2010. 

In many years of creating inspirational and highly aesthetic photos for both websites and related webzines, the entire team behind the photography projects has gained a wide array of experience and skills. As the team was constantly on the look for new photo shooting locations and sets, they came up with the idea of setting up their own studio. Thus, Koohna was founded in 2016 along with a creative enterprise named Idiyas and the online shop which offers handmade tabletops and backdrops made by Dejan Gruden.

The mastermind behind backgrounds

Dejan Gruden is a professional decorator who for over two decades has been studying both new developments in the paint industry and exploring the secrets of old decorative techniques. He started as an airbrush painter and later dedicated himself to the family business which focuses mostly on civil engineering. Unique and artistic walls are his passion and he has left his personal note on a number of bar interiors, both classic and contemporary. He loves layering and the serene nature of natural materials, though his imagination is also stirred by state-of-the art synthetic materials. His artistry includes mixing modern acrylic or polyurethane materials with lime and natural oxides dust. He uses different bases for his unique and innovative coating. In addition to MDF and canvas, he frequently uses old and worn-out objects as the canvas for his creations.  

He is assisted in his creative work by his wife Jasna, who is his secretary, assistant, purchasing officer and more. His three playful daughters also help him on many occasions. 

Where to see the backgrounds

A wide selection of backgrounds is available at the Koohna studio. Upon prior arrangement, you can test them yourself and agree further details of your lease or purchase with Petra Slapar or order a customised background.