Privacy Policy


The Supplier hereby agrees to allow the Customer access at all times to the following information:

  • Company's identity (full name, headquarters, registry number),

  • Contact information that enable fast and efficient communication (e-mail, address),

  • Key features of products and services (including post-sales activities and warranties),

  • Access to products (each product or service offered through online store should be deliverable within a reasonable period of time),

  • Terms of product or service delivery (manner, place, and time of delivery),

  • All prices must be clearly stated along with information on whether or not taxes and transportation are included,

  • Payment and delivery method,

  • Offer validity period,

  • Period within which the buyer can withdraw from contract along with withdrawal conditions; information on the cost of return of the product purchased,

  • Details on complaint procedure, the contact person or customer relations service.


Your personal data will be used solely for the purpose of order processing. The details (name, address, telephone for communicating the delivery details) shall be forwarded, when required, only to legal entities responsible for the delivery of products purchased and to the bank for payment reasons. They shall not be made available to any other third party. Once the delivery has been complete and payment received, the Supplier shall block access to your personal information. Once the Supplier has fulfilled its fiscal and trade-related legal obligations, your personal information shall be deleted.


The Supplier agrees to permanently protect all personal data provided by you. The Supplier shall only use them for the purpose of completing your order (sending order details, quotations, invoices) and communicating with you. Your personal data shall in no case be forwarded to unauthorised persons. You as the Customer are also party responsible for protecting personal data by making sure your user name and password are secure. Your personal data shall be transmitted over the Internet in an encrypted format. Our website and other systems are protected by technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification and, dissemination of personal data by unauthorized persons.


Any communication intended for children shall be age-appropriate and shall not exploit children’s trustfulness, lack of experience, or sense of loyalty. The Supplier may not take orders from someone whom they know or suspect to be a child without an explicit permission from parents or guardians. Further, the Supplier must not accept any personal data related to children without an explicit permission of their parents or guardians. Also, it shall not forward information, obtained from children, to any third party other than the child’s parents or guardians. The Supplier may not offer free access to products or services that are harmful to children.


• Information: The Website users have right to free information on their personal data and, if necessary, to have their data encrypted or deleted. In case of any questions regarding data deletion, encryption or use, please contact the Supplier via or regular mail.

• Notifications: Once you subscribe to newsletters, your name and e-mail address will be used for promotional purposes as long as you remain subscribed. The users are subscribed automatically upon order placement and can unsubscribe at any time through

• Agreeing to e-mail notifications: The users agree to receiving e-mail notifications in the process of order placement.

We wish to remind you that the company PKDV, d. o. o. will make their best efforts to ensure credible and updated information about the products sold on their website. Nevertheless, product properties, their stock, and prices may change in a way that does not allow the Supplier to refresh all data in time. In the event of this, you will be notified of the changes and will be able to cancel the order and receive full refund or have the product replaced. All photos are authentic product photos, but due to differences in monitors and browsers, the colours of products may deviate slightly from those shown on the Website.


The Supplier will send e-mail messages to the Customer only upon prior agreement of the latter. E-mail advertising shall follow a set of rules, as follows:

• They will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements;

• The sender will be clearly indicated;

• Various campaigns, promotions, prize draws and other marketing approaches will be marked as such and will clearly define terms and conditions of participation;

• The messages will include a clear indication of how to unsubscribe to e-mail advertising;

• You will be automatically subscribed to e-mail advertising upon order placement, after which you can unsubscribe any time by sending an e-mail to

• The Supplier agrees to acknowledge your wish to unsubscribe from e-mail advertising.

Advertising material shall be sent on behalf of the company PKDV, d. o. o., with the purpose of direct marketing. In accordance with Article 73 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the user can at any time request, in written or other form, the personal data controller to stop using their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing on a temporary or permanent basis. Due to business process specifics or technical reasons you might receive an e-mail message with promotional content by the company PKDV, d. o. o. within 15 days from the date of unsubscribing (providing the e-mail has been sent or its distribution is under way). The Supplier would like to apologise for any such occurrences and thank you for your understanding.